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Show your body what it’s capable of.

Flexia is designed to empower any and every body to challenge your limitations. This professional-grade, easy-to-adjust smart reformer uses your goals and movements to help improve your form, increase your strength, and build greater confidence to pursue the activities you love.

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Real-Time Feedback + Smart Recommendations

Innovative, data-driven technology gives you a personalized and more meaningful workout through real time feedback on the quality of your movement.

Professional Grade + Made for All

Designed and assembled in the U.S., this smart reformer is easy to adjust, easy to store, and accommodates diverse body types.

On-Demand, Expert-Led Classes

Practice with expert instructors when it best fits your busy lifestyle. No more second guessing—Our algorithms recommend classes + programs to reach your goals.

Try in Home for 60 Days

With a 60-day risk-free trial, Flexia is only waiting for you to click play and lay down.

An online studio designed around you.

The Flexia online studio offers on-demand classes for every experience level to help each person challenge and move their body toward better health. Advanced filters also allow you to choose classes based on your schedule and interests.

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