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Why we offer the best online Pilates classes

Curated Workouts

Flexia offers the best online Pilates classes to match your mood and goals - be it more flexibility, mobility, or strength. Select from curated programs, including The Beginner Series, Back Care, and Mindful Breathing.

Work Out Your Way

Flexia's AI-powered workouts give you the option to gear your workouts up or down making them just right for you. Progressions are offered to get the most out of your workout.

Classes Designed with You in Mind

Personalization is at the core of what we do. Flexia is run and founded by Pilates Instructors. Our online Pilates classes are rooted in decades of experience. We show up for you, so so that you can show up for yourself in all the ways that matter.

Our signature online Pilates classes give your studio experience from home with workouts to fit your goals, schedule, and mood.

Reformer Pilates is a low-impact, full body workout that improves strength and flexibility at the same time. It engages 100% of your muscles – that’s more than cycling, rowing, and running. 

Athletic Reformer

Athletic Reformer is a combination of strength work with classic Pilates exercises. These classes focus on increasing your muscular endurance and athletic performance.


Expect full-body classes where you transition between movements effortlessly with minimal spring changes. Flow includes a mix of athletic movements + movements that release and stretch.


Get ready to restore health, strength, and overall well being. Restore classes focus on mobility, flexibility, easing pain, and restoring joint function.


These dynamic classes get your heart pumping and improve your cardio endurance with minimal impact. They often include a combination of jumpboard and mat based HIIT moves. Also included in the Online Studio are Core, Skill based, and Mindfulness & Meditation classes.

Meet Your Instructors

Kelsey Wiedenhoefer

@kelseywieds Kelsey is a self-care aficionado and proponent of balanced living. She's known for her creative sequencing, a devilish laugh right before core work, and classes that flow from one movement to the next.
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Mychele Sims

@get2werk Mychele is a unicorn at heart, and equally known to make you werk– which we find to be a winning combination. From her contagious laugh to her entertaining song references, Mychele makes you forget just how hard you’re working.
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Annie Verderame

@annieverderamepilates Don’t let Annie's constant, beaming smile fool you – as a former professional dancer, Annie is fierce. Her classes are fun and accessible, challenging students to find their edge and celebrating whatever that looks like.
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How the Flexia Smart Reformer integrates with our online Pilates classes to help you get more out of your workouts

Real Time Feedback 

See your scores for Control, Consistency, and Speed during your workout, so you can make adjustments to get the most out of your class!

After Class Reports

See your results after every workout, so you can track mood change, total weight moved, and your quality of movement, which we call your Movement Quality Score. 

What’s included in the All Access Membership to our Pilates Online Studio

One Membership for Your Household

Create profiles for everyone in your home so they can access our entire library of online Pilates classes.

Integrated Features That Keep You Going

Maintain motivation by using real-time performance metrics.

A Personalized Workout Experience

Get recommendations based on your performance, track your progress with your Movement Quality Score, and follow programs tailored to your goals.

1 Month free with Flexia Reformer purchase

Cost of All Access Membership is $39/mo*

*Please note, you must own a Flexia Reformer to access this membership tier of our online studio.

Want to check out our Online Studio, but not ready to invest in a reformer?

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Flexia Online Pilates Studio

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