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The classes you want and the community you crave- now available in your home.

The best workout on the planet

Pilates is both a strength and flexibility training workout that engages 100% of your muscles – that’s more than cycling, rowing, and running. It’s also low-impact and even improves bone density.

Choose a class based on your mood and goals. Get recommendations based on your activity, track your progress with your Movement Quality Score, and follow programs tailored to your interests.

Our Workouts

Work Out Your Way

Choose classes & programs based on your experience, schedule, and mood. We offer foundational, intermediate, and advanced classes ranging from 10 to 55 minutes.

Community Inspired

Meet, practice, and celebrate with people from across the world in a more engaging and supportive community experience.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are at the top of their game, and thrive on helping you reach your goals. We show up for you, so you can show up for yourself in all the ways that matter.


Flexia's technology gives you real-time feedback and personalized recommendations. Never second guess what resistance you need ever again.

Results you can see

Access your scores during your workout, like control, consistency, and speed to see where you have opportunities to get stronger.

After Class Reports
See your results after every single workout, like mood change, total weight moved, and the quality of your movements resulting in your Movement Quality Score.

Not just movement-Connection