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The very best studio experience is now possible in your home.

A full-body workout you can enjoy any time.

The classes you want and the community you crave are now available in the heart of your home. Choose a class based on your mood and goals, and we'll help you make the most of every session.

For just $39/month you have unlimited access to on-demand classes to help you reach your goals. That's less than the cost of 2 group classes in a studio, plus the time you save traveling.

About Our Classes

Classes for All Levels

Choose classes based on your experience, schedule, and mood. We offer foundational, intermediate, and advanced classes ranging from 10 to 55 minutes.

Community Inspired

Meet, practice, and celebrate with people from across the world in a more engaging and supportive community experience.

Renowned Instructors

Our instructors are at the top of their game, and thrive on helping others learn and challenge themselves, while creating a strong sense of belonging for all.

World-Class Technology

Flexia's technology gives you real-time feedback and personalized recommendations. Never second guess what resistance you need ever again.

Your goals shape your Flexia experience.