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For Every Body

Whether you’re craving a stretch session, a core workout, booty burn, or a cardio burst, there’s a Flexia class for you.

Pilates is both a strength and flexibility training workout that engages 100% of your muscles – that’s more than cycling, rowing, and running. It’s also low-impact and even improves bone density.

Here's what Members are saying about Flexia

Pilates today was just what I needed. I feel like I can dunk again! Thank you.

Andrew H., Former Collegiate Basketball Player + Coach

This reformer has fulfilled several dreams and I can’t thank Flexia enough for this brilliant creation. I’m so glad I can take classes from the comfort of my home.

Christina H.

My whole life I was told you’re not athletic, you're not strong.  And with Pilates it was like OH I can do this!

Chris A.

I just love it! I put it together all by myself and did my first reformer workout on the app after work.

Dani H.