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The kind of people you want on your team

Kelsey Wiedenhoefer

Kelsey is a self-care aficionado and proponent of balanced living. She's known for her creative sequencing, a devilish laugh right before core work, and classes that flow from one movement to the next.

Mychele Sims

Mychele is a unicorn at heart, and equally known to make you werk– which we find to be a winning combination. From her contagious laugh to her entertaining song references, Mychele makes you forget just how hard you’re working.

Annie Verderame

Don’t let Annie's constant, beaming smile fool you – as a former professional dancer, Annie is fierce. Her classes are fun and accessible, challenging students to find their edge and celebrating whatever that looks like.

Kaleen Canevari

Kaleen’s classes are perfect for anyone looking for a breakdown of Pilates fundamentals--but that doesn't mean that all of her classes are gentle! She prides herself on bringing the sweat in her intermediate and advanced classes.

Kelly Kistler

Kelly loves a great workout. Her classes are high-energy and packed with lots of movement. She aims for every student to break a sweat and a smile. She believes having fun during your workout is the key to a consistent practice.

Jada-Rae Poku

Jada-Rae is a Master Pilates Instructor and believes that movement is medicine. Her classes are energizing, strengthening, and (most importantly) fun! Her teaching adjectives are relatable, dynamic, creative, and sneaky.

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