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Every person deserves the opportunity to feel unstoppable.

Whether you're a professional athlete or master gardener. A busy mom training for a marathon or a carpenter trying to alleviate joint pain. Flexia was designed for you.

As an athlete, a Pilates Instructor, and a mechanical engineer, I recognized a need to reinvent Pilates. A need to give anyone (and everyone) easier access to a reformer and an instructor who could guide their practice. Beyond that, there has been a great need for a new kind of Pilates experience; that combines an incredible at-home machine with advanced technology and a community where everyone feels welcomed and inspired.

Flexia does all this and more.

We're reinventing Pilates by eliminating common barriers, designing the best reformer, implementing the right technology, and creating a truly interactive space that gives you the confidence and guidance you need to feel stronger, healthier and more excited to Move Forward.

Kaleen Canevari Kaleen Canevari, Founder & CEO

The Flexia Reformer is built on three core concepts:

A Premium Reformer Experience At Home

We offer foundational, intermediate, and advanced classes led by expert instructors with classes ranging from 10 to 55 minutes.

A More Effective, Low-Impact Workout

Pilates on the reformer provides an intelligent, whole body workout minus the impact. Build strength and flexibility without joint pain.

A More Meaningful Way to Reconnect With Your Body

All too often, the only time we think about our bodies is when we're plagued by aches and pains. Pilates on a reformer will revitalize your relationship with your body, giving you the energy to live the life you're meant to.

We're a passionate group of people dedicated to making Pilates on a Reformer fit into more lives.

Kaleen Canevari

Kaleen Canevari

Founder & CEO Mechanical Engineer + Pilates Instructor
David Ducrest

David Ducrest

Co-Founder & CTO Educational Software Developer
Andrew Scheuren

Andrew Scheuren

VP of Operations Supply Chain + Operations Expert

Want to join us? We're always looking for people who's mission aligns with ours.