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"A machine that measures stability and control"

"[Flexia] makes the experience feel super accessible and friendly. It's similar to home gym options like Lululemon’s Mirror, but designed specifically for Pilates, with the technique’s focus on control."

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"What we’re loving and coveting at the moment."

"Serious Pilates enthusiasts will understand the total luxury of having a personal reformer at home. Consider Flexia’s new smart reformer, which comes with everything you need for the ultimate Pilates class, all without leaving your home."

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Gear Patrol

"Our Top Fitness Picks"

"In today’s world, a lot of our workouts have gone digital. Thanks to Flexia, we can all add Pilates to our smart routines with their all-new Reformer. Elevate your routines in the heart of your home with this game-changing connected fitness release."

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Fitt Insider

"AI Pilates is Born"

"It’s not just about fitness; it’s about wellness. In this aspect, Flexia stands apart from other connected Pilates companies. While the others focus is on high-intensity, entertaining fitness, our focus is on facilitating a successful, personalized movement experience for every client."

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"It might just become your new favorite workout."

"This at-home reformer also comes with workout programming, so you can take Pilates reformer classes right in your living room. Gives you access to a library of workouts and real-time performance metrics, as well as workout recommendations based on your goals."

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"Core Stability Is The Key To Less Back Pain"

"To reap health benefits like injury prevention, less back pain, and more fluid, nimble movements in your everyday life, trainers recommend incorporating core stability exercises into your sweat regimen."

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"Hello, Upright Storage"

"Moms looking to flex some me-time should seriously consider treating themselves to a Flexia Pilates Reformer. The reformer is designed specifically for home use (hello, upright storage) but has all the bells and whistles of the equipment at your favorite studio."

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Club Industry

"World's First Smart Pilates"

"Flexia’s patent-pending artificial intelligence-enabled sensor technology makes live adjustments, tracks progress, and makes personal recommendations with the proprietary Movement Quality Score (MQS)."

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Fitt Insider

"Low-impact exercise is the new HIIT"

"In a conversation with Fitt Insider, Founder & CEO Kaleen Canevari detailed the company’s unique approach to delivering Pilates metrics for the first time."

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