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Smarten up your Pilates practice with Flexia ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌


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Love this reformer

I’ve been using my reformer now for a year and a half and love it a little more every time I use it. The carriage is so comfortable and I love the wider frame.

Most Adjustable & Accessible Reformer

I mostly love the Flexia reformer--from the wider carriage and major options for adjustments to height, shoulder width and more, to the look and feel of it in motion. It is definitely the most accessible reformer I've worked with in my one-woman Pilates studio. My only complaint is that it is NOT easy to stand up and store by oneself. I purchased the Flexia for my studio where I see my private clients specifically because I thought it would be easy to lift up to storing position when not in use (my space is only 222 sq ft and I already have a cadillac/reformer convertible system). Not sure if I missed something, but every video I watched before purchasing made it seem like it should be a breeze to lift and store. Sadly, that has not been my experience. I'm 5'4" and very strong but I still need assistance to safely stand it up. Am I missing something?

Thanks so much for this feedback, Angelina! We're so happy to hear that the adjustability of our reformer is a win for you and your students. We chatted a bit within email about the hiccups you're facing with upright storage and have taken that feedback to our engineering team. Thank you!

Great quality

I have been practicing Pilates for two years in a studio class setting and have always wanted a reformer of my own. The quality of this reformer is beyond what I thought I could have as a home studio reformer. It’s beautiful and can easily store away if you need your space back. I’ve been loving the classes and they seem on par with the studio classes I’ve been taking along with being able to customize what you feel like you’re up for in your practice that day. I was feeling under the weather yesterday and was able to take a flow class that matched my level of energy. This is something I wouldn’t haven’t been able to do in a studio. I highly recommend the reformer! Such a great investment into our wellness!

The Flexia Reformer great quality.

But I'm having trouble connecting to the internet in the garage we got a booster but my husband tried to setup the internet to the sensor. He wasn't successful. So I had surgery on my big toe not able to use my left leg but I'm healing. I am going to setup a live video with the team to show me how to setup the internet with the sensor. But I can't wait to get started. I have been playing around watching some of classes doing some arm work. Anyway I'm going to setup a zoom with the team to help me. Thanks so much!

Rochelle, thanks for your review! We’re so happy to hear that you’re excited about your home Pilates practice–bringing a reformer home is a big deal. Welcome to Flexia. I understand that you’ve already connected with our Customer Service team and you’ll be back to moving once you’ve healed. We’ll be cheering you on! We’ve got some great articles about troubleshooting your sensors below (these are great to keep on hand if something in your wifi changes):

Enjoying So Far

I haven't had my reformer a month yet due to the box with the side rails missing from my original shipment. I will say - assembly was a breeze and the videos walked me through the process were very well done. I have taken a variety of classes (snack, jump, flow) and have enjoyed each of them. It is good to be on a reformer again. I'm not sure I agree with the leveling. Intermediate was not as challenging as I thought it would be, maybe I'm more advanced than I thought. I do believe with some spring adjustments I will get more out the classes. I hope at some point live classes will be offered and more variety in the recorded classes. On to equipment. The shoulder rests are quite wobbly when in place. I don't notice the movement when on my back. However, when I have my feet up against the shoulder rests (planks, pike, etc) the movement does make me feel unsteady at points during the exercise. I'm hoping I adjust and don't notice the movement. The same can be said for the jump board. Even when locked in place there is enough movement when jumping that it is quite noisy. I don't feel the movement just hear it. The straps are very easy to adjust and adjusting them between my husband and me has not been a problem. I do find the carriage a little difficult/stiff to move between the positions but am getting used to it. Overall, at this point, I am very happy with purchase and look forward to unlimited Pilates in my home. I do wish, or perhaps I haven't found it yet, that there was a record of all classes taken and the date taken. I would also like to be able to see the analytics so I can compare them when taking a class again. Again, happy I made the purchase and consider this a quality home machine.

Love your feedback, Veronica! We are working on a solution for customers that are not satisfied with the fit of their Jumpboard. You will be contacted with more information on this soon.

Appreciate your feedback on the shoulder rest, we are always looking for ways to improve our reformer so you get the best experience. Your feedback has been shared with our development team. We will follow up with you when we have more information.

Re Live Classes: Make sure you join Kelly’s live stream class on Sept 22nd (info in the private FB group)

Too big

This is a very large and heavy piece of gym equipment that takes a specialized instructor to teach and correct movements. The AI is basic and cannot do it. It only measures the the movement of the bed not your hands, feet, head, shoulders, or back. The instructors via subscription are not impressive. It needs a lot of room and is way too heavy and dangerous to be stored up against a wall as described. The waiting period was 12 weeks but the return period is only 30 days. Paying in full before I even get the machine is ridiculous. So if you are using a credit card you are paying interest on it before you have it.

Thank you for your feedback, Patricia! This feedback makes us better.

Great Machine - LOVE IT- the tech side needs improvements

OVERALL- I am very happy with my reformer. I love having my very own mini studio in my house.

I received my reformer after about 5 months of waiting. It is solid and reminds me of the studio reformers I have used in the past. My biggest issue with the Flexia, is the technology. There is no app????? Right now, I use an iPad to follow along which is very difficult since the screen is so little. Would LOVE to see an app launched that integrates the use of the sensors. This way I can use my smart tv as my screen. Additionally, I haven’t been able to successfully get my sensor to work while taking a class. If I’m honest, I only tried 1-2 times before just giving up on that feature- maybe when the App launches I will try it again 😊. The classes are good. I like some instructors more than others. I think that the instructors need to ensure they mention what springs they are using and offer a variation. I.e. I’m on 2 blues and 1 white, if you want to make harder/easier use 1 blue and 1 red. Some instructors are very good about it, others say "whatever you like" IDK what I like- this is why I am following the video.

I’m so happy to hear that you’re loving our physical reformer! Thank you so much for this feedback. Have you played with our Spring Settings bar, yet? That’s on the left-hand side of your class screen. You can toggle up and down levels to make the springs easier or harder right there in the moment! This is all great feedback that we’ll take to our teams. An app will be in the near future!

In the meantime, if you do have any trouble connecting your sensors, we’ve got some great articles to help with troubleshooting (and our Customer Service team is only an email away!):

Obsessed :)

Hi! I love being able to get a workout in, whenever happens to be convenient that day. I wasn't sure I would use the online studio, but have found the classes to be highly valuable. Kelsey is my favorite instructor. I've definitely noticed my more strength and definition in my body, since taking her classes. I do wish there were more intermediate and advanced full body flow classes. But I do enjoy repeating my favorites! I also enjoy the advanced skill classes - fun challenges.
I'm very impressed with the silent movement of the reformer, the softness of the straps and the width of the carriage. Thank you for making a quality product for us! I've also been very impressed with the online community and Kelly's tips/responses. I would definitely recommend this to friends.

Wonderful equipment, heavier than I expected, seeing and feeling changes in my body is very encouraging, satisfied with this reformer.

Great value

I love my reformer. It is such high quality. It is actually pretty. The box looks like furniture. It is easy to use. I love Kelsey's classes. She is great at walking you through each movement and each spring setting. I have yet to find a way to easily see the classes, so the verbal cues are really important. I also can't figure out how to get any information from the sensors. That was just a bonus anyway. I really wanted a nice reformer. And I got one. And it was reasonably priced.

Flexia review

Ok the classes are trash and the foot bar taking it on and off is a job and a half

Thank you for leaving feedback, have you reached out to our Customer Service team about your footbar? We would be happy to fix this problem for you.

We are constantly working to improve and add more classes to our Online Studio. We just wrapped two filming sessions that we’re really proud of! Our Community has given glowing praise–please pop in to give them a try!

Great service

Great service and reformer

SO happy I chose Flexia!

I have used a few other reformer brands in the studio. I am SO happy I chose Flexia for my home reformer. It is beautiful, comfortable, and has amazing functionality. It was really simple to assemble and is even simpler to maintain and use, even when constantly switching between foot bar heights, jump board, etc. I love that it can easily be stored vertically! The design and construction of the reformer and accessories make the equipment versatile and a lot of my favorite instructors in the online platform use it to their advantage and take you through many innovative variations of classic moves. Beyond all of this, the Flexia team is attentive to customer needs and has always answered my questions quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Flexia!

Honest Review

I have to say I am a tad disappointed in the Flexia reformer. The reformer says it connected during the classes with the sensor capability, but it doesn't give metrics or an end of workout summary. At one point it said it was "signaling" and gave some metrics for a short period of time only.

The reformer itself is very well built and was very easy to assemble. It operates very smoothly - just not sure the metrics are worth the hype.

Thank you for your feedback, Diane! We’re so happy to hear that you’re loving your physical reformer and that it’s easy to use. We’re disappointed to hear about your sensor hiccups, because the sensors are most definitely worth the hype once you’re connected! We’ve addressed some recent bugs in the system that might be causing these sensor delays, have you been able to test your sensors again? We’ve recently created some helpful articles to address sensor connectivity, you can view those here:

Love my Flexia

So far it’s been amazing. The jumpboard is a little noisy but it’s not a dealbreaker. Otherwise a very sturdy piece of equipment. The install videos were perfect for me and was able to get it together in an hour or so. I am excited to see a Pilates chair in the future!

Wow! Just wow

I’m a Pilates instructor with a home studio. My Flexia reformer is amazing. The wider reformer bed is fantastic for people who would be cramped on another brand reformer (side eye at Balanced Body). And it’s just aesthetically pleasing. Couldn’t be happier.

Flexia is great

The equipment is easy to assemble and use, and adjustable for desired difficulty. The wood is beautiful. I never knew much about Pilates because I took floor mat classes and was so surprised to find out it all could be done on the Reformer, even aerobics, like jogging !!! The instructors have delightful personalities! So easy to pick a class that you want and have time for. Customer Service is above and beyond!

best reformer and great instructors

I have attended small group reformer classes for about 5 years and in November of last year I took the plunge and bought one for home. I picked flexia because my trainer used one for her private sessions and the comfort and ease of use was so much better than with the non-flexia ones in the studio. I love how easy it is to adjust, the ease of movement with the ropes and springs. From a class perspective, there are so many good classes with a spectrum of instructors (Mychele is my favorite but I love all of them). The sensor tech is a good way to see your improvement and opportunities for more improvement. I’ve had some interactions with their post sales and tech support and they have also been great. One of them even made a video specific to me on a set up thing I was struggling with to show me how to do it! You don’t get this type of quality, this type of engaged community and this type of support anywhere else! Now I just need Flexia to make a Pilates chair!

“Humpty Dumpty” Caring Customer Service

Consumers looking for a Reformer with varying options (price points, assembly, additional equipment, measurements, materials.)
I earnestly haven’t fully been able to put in one sentence why FLEXIA is by far a company with undeniable integrity.
I purchased a Flexia Smart Reformer bundle thur a 3rd party vendor. Unfortunately, that vendor dropped the ball (taking the entire payment as well). With the heavy reality a company stole from me…FLEXIA WAS 100% not okay with any of it. Within minutes of discovering my situation I received a call. FLEXIA, picked up the dropped ball, all my “broken pieces” as the saying goes, and immediately proceeded to take control of my order, delivery & assembly. Flexia, even made contact with the 3rd party vendor on my behalf! The customer service offered is OUTSTANDING! Trustworthy & genuine. Making it stand out equally as their Reformers do.