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Based on 41 reviews

Great classes.

Perfect. Comfortable. Easy to put together. Love the classes.

Seamless transition from Club Pilates~Great machine and classes!

I love my Flexia Reformer! It is wide, comfortable, came with everything I needed, love the wide variety of classes and the teachers. Love the MQS scoring to help keep me on track and know how I’m doing. I highly recommend Flexia!


I am so happy I took the plunge and purchased a Flexia. I am a busy mom of 6 and it is so hard to find windows of time when I can prioritize myself. I love that the Flexia offers "snack" classes for days when I only have a short amount of time, but still want to do something. I am loving the instructors and also the instant feedback received upon completing a class! I would highly recommend this smart reformer to my friends:)

New Pilates Reformer

My Friend (BA) recommended this reformer after she purchased hers. I'm so happy with this reformer. I'm not new to Pilates, so following along online is pretty easy for me.
I think this is a great way to do Pilates in your home with the online studio.
This Reformer very solid

Most comfortable reformer

I am very happy with my Flexia. It is the most comfortable reformer I tried. All other reformers have very from feeling.
There are couple of improvement I would like to see: the availability of strap adjustment, and the quality of the paint for the rings (it is already coming off) .
Overall, I am very happy.

Thank you so much for leaving a review for us, Monika. We are thrilled to hear that our reformer is the most comfortable reformer you have tried! We understand that our customer service team has been in contact about your ropes and rings and we're finding a solution. Happy reforming!

Wish I had purchased sooner!

I have had my reformer a little over a month and I LOVE having this in my home. I love reformer pilates and belonged to a pilates studio. Nothing against the studio it was my the beginning of my "love story" :-) The studio was a 25 min drive from home, getting into the classes I wanted was difficult and then there was the cost. I knew with what I was paying I would be better off with one at home. When I saw the Flexia ads I knew I wanted to go this route. I kept putting it off as I wasn't first aware of the online studio, so was unsure how I would do workouts. Once I realized there was the online studio, I was all in. I love that "I" can choose a different workout or two or three a day and mix it up, adjust level based on the class and how I feel that day. I love the snacks. I love that if I am not in the mood for a full class, snack, etc. I can simply go into my workout room and just stretch and chill. I am still working on getting into a routine and am excited to get it all together. I would highly recommend this reformer to anyone.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Robin! We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying your new Flexia Reformer and that our Online Studio is making your home workouts that much better. We love hearing about experiences like this and can't wait to hear more from you in our Community.

Happy reforming!

Great product

My wife and I love the reformer and the accessibility it gives us. So much easier at home than to always get in the car and go somewhere. seem to be adding classes at a regular rate which is amazing. Wouldn’t mind seeing more classes related to golf. Also think we could use a little work on the app. More like Peloton does. With stats, favorite instructor, total number of classes, Followed by some health stats?

Thanks for your feedback on our Flexia Smart Reformer and All-In Bundle! We're glad to hear that you and your wife are enjoying the convenience of having a reformer at home. We are constantly expanding our class offerings and love that you've been particularly enjoying our Golf Collection! Thank you for the suggestion regarding our app, we will take it into consideration for future updates. Have a great day!

This reformer is a solid amazing machine!!! Easy to put together, fantastic customer service and well worth the price.

Simply the BEST!

Flexia is SIMPLY THE BEST! I had big expectations and you’ve exceeded all of them! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to assemble- the video tutorial is perfection!

I’ve tried many classes and am impressed with each instructor - the cues they provide are incredible! I love the variety- intensity, duration, focus areas - you have something for the time I have available and what my body needs!

And the customer service is FANTASTIC! I’ve had a couple questions about my sensors and memberships and the representatives responded quickly and solved my issues with kindness!

My ONLY disappointment is that I didn’t make this investment earlier- I’ve been eyeing the Flexia for over a year- I wish I would have purchased it sooner!

Thank you for providing such a high quality product with easy to use technology to support my health and wellness journey. It is SIMPLY the BEST fitness system I’ve ever experienced! (And I’ve tried quite a few!)

Hats off to all of you how work for Flexia- you’ve made fitness easy, effective and engaging! BRAVO!

A great, great product.

Great quality and great company

Love my new Flexia at home. The quality surpasses many of the other brands I have seen and the cost is reasonable.

Life changer

I always wanted to practice in the reformer but I can’t make it to the studio in this stage of my life (2 babies at home) plus I hated the idea of paying for classes instead buying my own machine. I finally decided for this reformer and I am so so pleased I did. I use it every day and even my husband stopped going to the gym and uses it everyday.
The customer service is excellent. I did had to reach out to them because one screw got loose during shipping and they responded and mailed what I needed. That is also the reason I wanted to spend a little more instead of buying in Amazon and being super frustrated with a low quality product.
I can’t speak for the metrics, I don’t plug my reformer. Is not something I am interested at this point. I just use it traditional way.

If you decide to get it, you won’t regret your purchase.

Well constructed and sturdy

Have had the reformer for about 6 weeks and use it frequently. Well constructed, sturdy, and comfortable. The wider carriage takes a bit of getting used to, but this way my husband can also use it so I'm adjusting. The two small areas I would say need improvement are the wiggly foot bar and the cord-knotted hand/foot straps. The foot bar moves a bit when you grasp it, which can be annoying and I wonder if it will be problematic later in the life of the machine. The cords on the straps are difficult to adjust and make sure they are even. Other than that, well worth the investment to be able to take class whenever I have the time. I have been using Club Pilates online workouts more than the Flexia library, but there is some good content on there as well. Delivery and self-assembly were easy--the video tutorial shows you step by step how to do it. Overall a great product.

Thanks so much for your review, Jodi! Our customer service team has reached out and sent off our dampening kit to alleviate that jumpboard wiggle, it should arrive any day now. These dampeners are now installed with every purchase, so this wiggle is addressed moving forward--score!

Pop in here ( for a quick refresher on adjusting your ropes and please let us know if you have any additional questions through an email to

Happy Reforming!

Wonderful Reformer!!

I’ve had my reformer for almost 7 weeks now and I LOVE HER!! The quality of the machine is excellent and definitely compares well to studio reformers. The adjustability (is that a word?!?) of the foot bar, shoulder rests, and straps are excellent! The only thing I would change is how the jump board fits in the rails…wish it was a little snugger because it’s very loud when jumping :( (even when landing softly).

The classes with the subscription are great - they offer a wide range of levels, lengths, and intensity etc….the instructors will usually have me laughing at some point while I’m working out which I LOVE…it’s so important to enjoy your experience!!

Finally, your support staff is AMAZINGGGGGG!! I’ve only had to reach out 2 times (both were user error) and they were prompt, courteous and super helpful!!

Thanks so much for your review, Brenda! Our customer service team has reached out and sent off our dampening kit to alleviate that jumpboard wiggle, it should arrive any day now. These dampeners are now installed with every purchase, so this wiggle is addressed moving forward--score!

Great at home equipment

Love my new reformer

Love this reformer

I’ve been using my reformer now for a year and a half and love it a little more every time I use it. The carriage is so comfortable and I love the wider frame.

Most Adjustable & Accessible Reformer

I mostly love the Flexia reformer--from the wider carriage and major options for adjustments to height, shoulder width and more, to the look and feel of it in motion. It is definitely the most accessible reformer I've worked with in my one-woman Pilates studio. My only complaint is that it is NOT easy to stand up and store by oneself. I purchased the Flexia for my studio where I see my private clients specifically because I thought it would be easy to lift up to storing position when not in use (my space is only 222 sq ft and I already have a cadillac/reformer convertible system). Not sure if I missed something, but every video I watched before purchasing made it seem like it should be a breeze to lift and store. Sadly, that has not been my experience. I'm 5'4" and very strong but I still need assistance to safely stand it up. Am I missing something?

Thanks so much for this feedback, Angelina! We're so happy to hear that the adjustability of our reformer is a win for you and your students. We chatted a bit within email about the hiccups you're facing with upright storage and have taken that feedback to our engineering team. Thank you!

I've only taken a few classes as I have on6had my reformer for a few days, but so far, they have been great. The instructors have qued the moves well and are clear with instructions. I am looking forward to exploring more classes

This reformer is fantastic! The carriage is much wider than those in the studio.
I've only taken a few of the classes as I have only had it a few days, but I have enjoyed them all and love being able to take a class on my schedule and not having to worry about if the class I want is full.

Great quality

I have been practicing Pilates for two years in a studio class setting and have always wanted a reformer of my own. The quality of this reformer is beyond what I thought I could have as a home studio reformer. It’s beautiful and can easily store away if you need your space back. I’ve been loving the classes and they seem on par with the studio classes I’ve been taking along with being able to customize what you feel like you’re up for in your practice that day. I was feeling under the weather yesterday and was able to take a flow class that matched my level of energy. This is something I wouldn’t haven’t been able to do in a studio. I highly recommend the reformer! Such a great investment into our wellness!

The Flexia Reformer great quality.

But I'm having trouble connecting to the internet in the garage we got a booster but my husband tried to setup the internet to the sensor. He wasn't successful. So I had surgery on my big toe not able to use my left leg but I'm healing. I am going to setup a live video with the team to show me how to setup the internet with the sensor. But I can't wait to get started. I have been playing around watching some of classes doing some arm work. Anyway I'm going to setup a zoom with the team to help me. Thanks so much!

Rochelle, thanks for your review! We’re so happy to hear that you’re excited about your home Pilates practice–bringing a reformer home is a big deal. Welcome to Flexia. I understand that you’ve already connected with our Customer Service team and you’ll be back to moving once you’ve healed. We’ll be cheering you on! We’ve got some great articles about troubleshooting your sensors below (these are great to keep on hand if something in your wifi changes):

This reformer is a great value, but has been a tricky transition for someone who practices classical Pilates. For example, the foot bar doesn’t move easily up and down for transitioning from footwork to the 100, and the spring settings are totally different. Also, the headrest came with a loud disclaimer against applying body weight to the headrest — so much for front splits and arabesque! I tried the Flexia studio classes, too, and didn’t find them nearly as rigorous as a studio workout. I switched to PilatesAnytime for something comparable. Overall, good buy, just be prepared for some growing pains.

Enjoying So Far

I haven't had my reformer a month yet due to the box with the side rails missing from my original shipment. I will say - assembly was a breeze and the videos walked me through the process were very well done. I have taken a variety of classes (snack, jump, flow) and have enjoyed each of them. It is good to be on a reformer again. I'm not sure I agree with the leveling. Intermediate was not as challenging as I thought it would be, maybe I'm more advanced than I thought. I do believe with some spring adjustments I will get more out the classes. I hope at some point live classes will be offered and more variety in the recorded classes. On to equipment. The shoulder rests are quite wobbly when in place. I don't notice the movement when on my back. However, when I have my feet up against the shoulder rests (planks, pike, etc) the movement does make me feel unsteady at points during the exercise. I'm hoping I adjust and don't notice the movement. The same can be said for the jump board. Even when locked in place there is enough movement when jumping that it is quite noisy. I don't feel the movement just hear it. The straps are very easy to adjust and adjusting them between my husband and me has not been a problem. I do find the carriage a little difficult/stiff to move between the positions but am getting used to it. Overall, at this point, I am very happy with purchase and look forward to unlimited Pilates in my home. I do wish, or perhaps I haven't found it yet, that there was a record of all classes taken and the date taken. I would also like to be able to see the analytics so I can compare them when taking a class again. Again, happy I made the purchase and consider this a quality home machine.

Love your feedback, Veronica! We are working on a solution for customers that are not satisfied with the fit of their Jumpboard. You will be contacted with more information on this soon.

Appreciate your feedback on the shoulder rest, we are always looking for ways to improve our reformer so you get the best experience. Your feedback has been shared with our development team. We will follow up with you when we have more information.

Re Live Classes: Make sure you join Kelly’s live stream class on Sept 22nd (info in the private FB group)

Too big

This is a very large and heavy piece of gym equipment that takes a specialized instructor to teach and correct movements. The AI is basic and cannot do it. It only measures the the movement of the bed not your hands, feet, head, shoulders, or back. The instructors via subscription are not impressive. It needs a lot of room and is way too heavy and dangerous to be stored up against a wall as described. The waiting period was 12 weeks but the return period is only 30 days. Paying in full before I even get the machine is ridiculous. So if you are using a credit card you are paying interest on it before you have it.

Thank you for your feedback, Patricia! This feedback makes us better.