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Work smart, stay consistent, be happy

We bring together innovative design, real time technique feedback, and data driven analytics to create a boutique experience in your home.
Control 83%
Consistency 92%
Speed 80%
The Control score shows just how well you’re regulating the carriage while working out. As every exercise is unique, there is a different benchmark for what defines control. For example, in arm work, control means a smooth carriage glide for the entire movement. In bridging, control means little to no movement of the carriage the entire time. This feedback is your cue to bring more attention to how well you’re following instructions from your instructor.
The Consistency score shows you whether your performance is the same for each repetition of an exercise. In other words, is your fifth repetition as good as your first one? In simple terms, this score may increase when you move the same distance with the same control and speed across each repetition.
Each Pilates exercise has a unique tempo, or Speed, to help you get the most out of the exercise. Some exercises like leg circles are often slower, whereas others, such as running, are typically faster. Our built-in speedometer helps you stay on track.
The Weight Moved counter updates with every repetition to show you how much resistance you’re using. Once you’ve completed that exercise, it resets for the next. This is the first time in the history of Pilates that you can see the weight you’ve moved during your workout.
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