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Learn what your new reformer can do

From the studio straight to your living room, the Flexia Pilates Reformer was engineered with your body and workout goals in mind.

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Part 1: The Flexia Smart Reformer in your space
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Learn about Flexia

The reformer you’ve always wanted

Finally, a reformer designed with your body in mind. 48 adjustability settings to find your perfect fit, upright storage to tuck away after use, and living room looks that your friends will envy.

…with a paired Online Studio that makes sticking to your goals easy

Expert instructors, hundreds of classes, and easy class filters to get the exact workout you're craving. No more waitlists, no more rushing to class. Take a class (or two…or three) whenever you please.

…and tech designed by Pilates instructors

Your new workout buddy that never skips a 6 am class. Keep yourself accountable in class with metrics made specifically for Pilates. Stay on track during your workout and walk away from each class with a Movement Quality Score “MQS” that you can actually use to get better, stronger, more comfortable with your practice.

and loved by...

A peek inside our recorded demo:

See firsthand what it's like to own a Flexia Smart Reformer

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