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What makes our Pilates reformer better?

Studio-grade Pilates reformer

The Flexia Reformer was specifically made for home use (hello, silent carriage travel and upright storage), but is equally at home in your local studio (hey-o, Flexia studio owners!). You really can have it all.

Highly adjustable

The Flexia Reformer fits most body types 5'0 to 6'6" up to 350lbs. Though our footbar may look's designed to be used as a kickstand for upright storage and gives you the same range of adjustability as other reformers on the market.


The Flexia Reformer is tech-enabled, which is actually way cooler than it sounds...our sensors track your movement in class so you never have to worry "am I doing it right?" again.

Upright storage

The Flexia Reformer fits in an 2.5' x 3' x 8' space when upright; while in use, our recommended footprint is 9.5' x 6.5'

Real People. Real Results.

Pilates today was just what I needed. I feel like I can dunk again! Thank you.

Andrew H., Former Collegiate Basketball Player + Coach

This reformer has fulfilled several dreams and I can’t thank Flexia enough for this brilliant creation. I’m so glad I can take classes from the comfort of my home.

Christina H.

My whole life I was told you’re not athletic, you're not strong.  And with Pilates it was like OH I can do this!

Chris A.

I just love it! I put it together all by myself and did my first reformer workout on the app after work.

Dani H.


I would highly recommend this smart reformer to my friends:)

L. Williams

and loved by...