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Kaleen, the founder and CEO of Flexia is available for interviews. If you would like to schedule an interview, please email hello@flexiapilates.com with the subject line “Media Inquiry” for a speedy reply.

Some of the topics that she would be thrilled to discuss include:

  • What it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry.
  • Why Kaleen decided to launch Flexia and why she is committed to making fitness (especially Pilates) more accessible to people of diverse body types, as well as people who are older or dealing with injuries.
  • Her own experience having to quit soccer due to chronic knee pain and being able to resume the activities she loved after starting Pilates on the Reformer.
  • Why Flexia has taken a different approach to marketing Pilates that pushes back against the stereotypes that Pilates will make you “long and lean” or is only for incredibly flexible and athletic people and how this has proven to be successful.

Official Bio:

Kaleen is the founder and CEO of Flexia, a connected fitness company that brings the boutique Pilates studio experience into your living room with a Pilates machine called a Reformer and an online studio with live and pre-recorded classes.  

Kaleen is a mechanical engineer and Pilates instructor with nearly a decade of experience teaching and consulting Pilates teachers, studio owners, and clients on how to pick the best equipment for their company. She is one of the few equipment experts in the industry and has been featured among the largest Pilates-related media outlets and platforms, including Pilates Anytime, Balanced Body, and the Pilates Unfiltered Podcast.

Kaleen founded Flexia because so many Pilates enthusiasts and instructors wanted a Pilates Reformer to use in home, but it was practically impossible to find one that delivered the full functionality of a studio reformer and was easy to set up and use without extensive knowledge of equipment.

Flexia’s mission is to make Pilates on a Reformer accessible to more people of all fitness levels and body types. Additionally, Flexia is also developing technology to give users automated, real-time feedback on their session, making it the most personalized and efficient Pilates workout available anywhere.

More About Flexia

The first batch of Reformers and online studio will launch this summer.

Flexia has already gained traction through a deposit sale which generated six figures in sales and had a CAC of $39 for social with a total ad spend of $550.

The Reformer design delivers professional-grade features at $600 less than the nearest comparable model.  It retails for $2195, plus a monthly subscription to the online studio for $39/mo.

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