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How does it work? Measuring the Quality of Movement

Posted by Flexia Pilates on
Woman tapping tablet to start her reformer class

Historically, a Pilates instructor has needed to be present to offer feedback on at what speed to move or to draw awareness to how someone is moving.

We've changed that.

By adding AI to the Pilates reformer, the technology will be able to track how much resistance you are using as well as how many repetitions you have completed of an exercise. For people who like to see measurable progress, this will motivate them to continue to work out while they simultaneously experience the benefits of mindfulness, because of the emphasis on breath and body awareness as they move.

Through a sensor, the Flexia Reformer will now be able to provide information about how quickly or efficiently you are performing an exercise, as well as measuring your range of motion so you know if your flexibility or mobility has improved.

This data is compiled and delivered in a Movement Quality Score (MQS), which is a proprietary compilation of measurements that take into account the objective of the workout, your control of the movement, and the relative improvement or maintenance of your performance compared to that movement during other workouts.

The MQS provides a unique way to progress toward a fitness goal that doesn’t rely on simply increasing weight or resistance.

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