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Mindful movement doesn't just make your workout better, it will change your life.

Fitness doesn't have to hurt to be effective. You deserve to feel good while exercising

You shouldn't have to leave your home to benefit from Pilates on the Reformer.

Proudly Woman Designed + Led

I grew up playing competitive soccer, but my dreams of becoming a collegiate athlete were cut short after I suffered two back-to-back ACL injuries in high school. In college, I studied mechanical engineering and quickly became an intramural sports junkie. I joined the soccer, volleyball, flag football, and even water polo team!

I loved the community and having a fun way to stay fit. However, for 10 years I was plagued by injuries and suffered chronic knee pain and swelling after games. This not only made it hard to participate, it also disrupted my fitness and social life. Chronic injuries and knee pain made my life feel smaller.

Fast forward to a decade later. I was working at a Pilates equipment manufacturing company and was introduced to group classes on the Pilates Reformer. In just 6 weeks, my chronic knee pain had vanished. I was able to return to playing soccer and was given a way back to myself that I thought might be lost forever.

I knew I needed to learn this method, so I could share it with others.

Since then, I've worked as both a Pilates instructor and engineer traveling the country learning exactly what people like you need when using a Pilates reformer.

What I found is that while different reformers existed, none of them worked well for home use. They were all difficult to set up, confusing to use, and hard to store. What I and my clients wanted didn't exist, so I created something new.

The Flexia Reformer is built upon three core concepts:

A Premium Reformer Experience At Home

The existing at-home reformers simply don't deliver the in-studio experience of a professional model, so we built our Reformer to deliver that commercial grade experience while being easy to set-up, use, and store in home.

An Effective, Low-Impact Workout

Pilates on the reformer provides an intelligent, whole body workout minus the impact. Build strength and flexibility without the joint pain.

Reconnect With Your Body

Modern life has disconnected us from ourselves. Oftentimes, the only time we think about our bodies is when we are plagued by aches and pains that are stopping us from fully enjoying and living our lives. Pilates on a Reformer will revitalize your relationship with your body and will give you the energy to live the life you're meant to.

I know Pilates on a Reformer has something for everyone, and I'm excited to help you experience it.

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Kaleen Canevari
Founder & CEO

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